Campinas is an exciting city to spend your vacation with Spirit Airlines

Campinas is a great Brazilian city that is known for its amazing attractions and activities. The city is known to attract a large number of local as well as global tourists. Plan your next vacation here and explore various fun locations. Some of the remarkable locations here include the Metropolitan Cathedral, Castle Tower, Portugal Park, Coffee Museum, etc. so without waiting any further, hurry and visit the Spirit Airlines Official site and get great Spirit Airlines Deals on your air bookings!

Hopi Hari

Visit this amazing amusement park in Brazil where a lot of people come to spend some quality hours. The Hopi Hari Park is situated in Sao Paulo and houses some thrilling rides. Get on these breathtaking and adventurous rides here with your loved ones. Some of the amazing rides here consist of merry go rounds, thrill rides, and also a three-dimensional (3D) film theater, numerous arcade games, a Ferris wheel, bowling arena. Wander around here and explore the eateries, cafés, and shops here.

Lagoa do Taquaral

Visit this metropolitan park in the city of Campinas. This park is a great center of attraction here and a lot of people visit here to rejuvenate themselves. Sit around the delightful tidal pond here and click some amazing pictures around this lush green park. Visit the nearby planetarium, science gallery, and a wonderful area where you can play some interesting indoor games. Indulge in other fun activities like running, cycling, and strolling. Get on the cable car here that was opened to the public back in 1972. Visit here to spend some quiet time with your family and friends here.

Jequitibá Woods Park 

Visit this amazing park in Brazil that is known for attracting a large number of local people for relaxing. The park also houses an amazing zoo that is known for some astounding wildlife animals. The park has also a special play area for children.

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