Fun things to do in Raleigh on your trip

Raleigh is one of the great cities of the United States of America. It is the capital city of the state of North Carolina. The city is known to house numerous renowned institutions like colleges, universities, etc. The city has some wonderful museums and historical centres as the state of North Carolina has a remarkable past. These places are filled with artefacts and items which tell us about the rich history of the country. So hurry and visit the Spirit Airlines Official Site now to book air tickets!

The following are some excellent places you can visit on your trip to this city.

North Carolina Museum of Art

The famous museum is surrounded by an open park which is ideal to relax with your family and friends. Get to the brilliant music theatre here. The museum has got some ancient items which have their origin in Egypt, prestigious European artistic creations, and masterpieces belonging to African and Judaic origin. Explore the museum and get your hands around the rare collection of items and artefacts. Head to Iris which is the in-house eatery of the museum and is known to serve great food.

 Morgan Street Food Hall

Head to this excellent food hall where you can explore multiple stores. The hall has been opened recently in the year 2018 and is reported to be one of the finest food galleries in the USA. The place has been awarded several times by different magazines and portals. Taste some great delicacies prepared by some of the renowned chefs and restaurateurs.

Marbles Kids Museum

This museum is a wonderful place to be at, if you are accompanied by your family. The place is one of the best in the entire city as it has all the activities suitable for all age groups. Watch your kids play here and spending some delightful time.

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