Guayaquil city in ecuador is the top place for a trip with Spirit Airlines

Guayaquil is a renowned port city of Ecuador. Plan your next vacation here and explore the numerous fun places with your loved ones. the city offers exciting activities for you and your loved ones. The Pacific beaches around here are great to experience along with the magnificent Galapagos Islands. Visit the La Rotonda monument, along with the mighty Guayas River. Head to the amazing Las Peñas, which is known for beautiful and colorful houses. Explore the art galleries and cafes around here and a lighthouse. So if you are planning a holiday soon, make your Spirit Airlines Reservations now!

Here are some more places that are ideal for having a great time in Guayaquil city:

Malecón 2000

Stroll across the renowned Malecon 2000, which is one of the landmark places of this city. It is located along the west shore of the stream for a length of 2.5 km. The region provides an exciting view around where the travelers can click some amazing pictures. Explore the finest galleries, gardens, shopping centers, eateries of South America.

Head to La Perla, is the largest amusement ride in South America. It is situated near the Malecón 2000. La Perla simply means “The Pearl” and is one of the wonderful things to do in Ecuador. It was termed as the biggest Ferris Wheel in South America back in 2015. La Perla takes off 57 meters high over the city. Take this thrilling ride and make memories with your family and friends.

Santay Island 

This is a wonderful place that is ideal to spend some time away from the busy city life. Visit the great Santay Island, which is home to beautiful mangroves, a great variety of birds and crabs. The region has also a large number of crocodiles. The nature-rich area is wonderful to experience!

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