Iconic mountains of usa for holidays

The United States of America is known for its outstanding importance due to its geographical significance. The country is enriched with numerous places which are rich in nature including the splendid beaches, national parks, mighty mountain ranges, etc. The mountain ranges of the country are globally renowned and some of the great hills of the USA include Rocky Mountain Range, Mount Elbert, Smoky Mountain, etc. Hurry and make your Spirit Airlines Reservations now at the Spirit Airlines!

Plan a trip to the United States and explore some of these iconic ranges with your loved ones:

Mount Bona

The beautiful Mount Bona is one of the mightiest mountains in the United States. The mountain range is situated in the Alaskan belt is supposedly 5th highest mountain peak of the country. You may visit the nearby Mount Churchill, which is also covered with snow during most of the months throughout a year. You may even plan an adventurous trek here.

Great Smoky Mountain Range

The Smoky Mountains offers one of the most magnificent stretches, which are ideal for road trips. Take a drive to the eastern region of Tennessee and witness the natural scenery and splendid view around the area. You will witness the green cover and splendid wildlife while driving around the mighty mountain range. The area has one of the rich biological systems around the world. Get to know about the diversified wildlife of America here at the famous national park.

Denali Mountain Range

The iconic mountain peak is said to be the highest in the entire continent of North America. The estimated height of the mountain is approximately 20,310 ft. above sea level. The region is geographically rich and has a topographic significance. The mountain range is the 3rd highest and isolated peak on the globe. Mt. Aconcagua and Mount Everest are the top two ranges in terms of height and isolation in the world.

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