Londrina city is worth spending your time and money

Londrina is a beautiful city in Brazil that is known to attract a large number of vacationers from all parts of the world. The city is known for its amazing vacationing sports and activities that it offers to vacationers. Visit amazing places like the famous Lake Igapó, Londrina Museum of Art, Botanical Garden of Londrina, Calçadão de Londrina, etc. Plan a trip to this exciting city and explore numerous spots in and around the city by booking your Spirit Airlines Tickets at the Spirit Airlines Official Site. Some of these brilliant places here include:

Londrina Metropolitan Cathedral 

Visit this amazing spot of the city that is known by different names like the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral and Londrina Cathedral. This Catholic Church is situated in the central region of the city. The church is one of the oldest attractions of Brazil and attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. The church is known for its impeccable architecture and design. The walls and interior of the church are designed in an extremely remarkable way. It is planned and designed by the renowned architect Willie Davids and was started building back in 1934. The church was built in parts and took several years to get finished. It was redesigned in a neogothic style by the specialist Fritsch.

Londrina Historical Museum 

Head to this notable museum where you can know about the various historical and landmark events of the country. Get to know about the various dimensions of the Brazilian past here. The artifacts and articles here are interesting to understand. Take the guided tour of this brilliant museum and know about the history of Londrina and Brazil in a better way.

Londrina Botanical Garden 

The botanical garden of this city is famous for its ambiance and cleanliness. Visit here to rejuvenate yourself by planning a day picnic with your family and friends. Click some aesthetic pictures around here with a lush green background.

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