Plan a holiday to Topeka capital of Kansas

Plan a visit to Topeka, which is the capital city of the state of Kansas. The city has numerous historical places and structures, which tell us about the state’s rich past along with the great American history. The state of Kansas attracts a large number of global travelers who love to explore the city of Topeka. There are numerous neoclassical structures which can be explored by the design lovers and admirers. The city has a number of museums, historical structures as well as some beautiful parks. To book your flight tickets, hurry and visit the Spirit Airlines official site now!

Outdoor activities and places

Explore the delightful Lake Shawnee in the city of Topeka. Spend some tranquil moments here with your loved ones and click some amazing photographs here. Local people frequently visit here to relax and even for biking purposes. You may find a large number of visitors here strolling around, breathing some fresh air.

Kansas State Capitol

Visit the state’s legislative center building. The Kansas State Capitol building is the state’s most prominent spot. It has 5 big stories containing wall paintings, sculptures, and pieces of fine art. Make sure to climb the stairs leading to the top of the building. Visit her to experience the magnificent items housed with utmost care. Witness the richness of American culture and history by glancing at the preserved artifacts.

Combat Air Museum

The Combat Air Museum was built back in1976. The museum has around 36 airplanes, which tell us about World War I. The museum displays a variety of airplane motors, military vehicles, an artificial field kitchen, a field house of prayer, and other military & aeronautics related items.

Gage Park

Visit the beautiful Gage Park which is stretched in over 160+ acres of land. The renowned park was built and designed back in the 19th century; Gage Park has a lot of things, which attracts a large number of teenagers from around the state.

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