The Colourful Edwardian and Victorian House and More to Visit-San Francisco with spirit Airlines

If you are thinking about what is so special about San Francisco, then let us inform you that it is a place where you can find the Victorian and Edwardian architectures maintained beautifully, known as ‘the Painted Ladies’. It is the iconic row of magnificent houses in colors, has found a place and fame in more than 70 movies, television shows, and ads.

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Twin Peaks

Apart from these beautiful Victorian houses, you can visit Twin Peaks, which are unique hills, standing at a height of 900 feet. The peak offers you a panoramic view of the entire city and bay. However, if you want to get the finest views of the city, then visiting the north peak will be the best.

Over here, you can enjoy hiking, riding, and other activities.


The Exploratorium is another most popular and visited tourist destination in San Francisco. It is an interesting science museum where both children and adults can enjoy history, behind stories of science and learn a lot of things by exploring the Exploratorium.

The museum offers its visitors to experiment indulging in various activates.

The De Young Museum

The De Young Museum is situated in San Francisco, near the Golden Gate Park. It offers its visitors to see American art from the 17th to the 21st centuries. The museum also offers you contemporary art, international text0iles, photography and costumes, and art from America, Africa, and Oceania.

The ninth-floor Reflection Level of the museum offers tourists breath-taking and mesmerizing 360-degree views of the entire San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.

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