The Top-Rated Attractions of Seattle You Need To See

Over the years, Seattle has gone through a tremendous transformation as the largest city of Washington. It is surrounded on all sides by waters, mountains, and forests- Seattle shows off the perfect blend of nature and present-day development. Seattle is an ever-flourishing city with an energetic vibe, and that’s exactly what nearly every traveler longs for in their trip. For a truly memorable vacation, organize a trip there and go on with your early Spirit Airlines Reservations.

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Here’s a list of what to see in Seattle:

Chihuly Garden and Glass

When you arrive at Seattle, do yourself a favor by visiting the Chihuly Garden and Glass, a museum in the Seattle Centre. This mind-boggling exhibit show off the creative works of Dale Chihuly- his creation of stunning sculptures by using glass. It is one of the city’s greatest gems, boasting the massive ability of the artist.

Discovery Park

As the largest park in Seattle, the Discovery Park is straight out of a movie scene- a massive 550 acres of space with a charming lighthouse that adds more drama. This far-reaching park consists of coastline, forest, and meadows. Head there to savor an idyllic evening and catch the sunset, which is a spectacular sight from the park!

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is a significant wildlife facility of Seattle, sheltering endangered species of animals from all around the globe. From Asian and African elephants to snow leopards to jaguars to lemurs- this zoo is home to all. Woodland Park Zoo is not your typical zoo, and definitely worth a visit.

Museum of Flight

Museum of Flights features a large collection of airplanes, interactive exhibits, and flight-related artifacts. The museum displays original aircraft, renewed fighter planes, authentic stories of pilots, and many others exhibits. This museum is a delight for children, as well as adults who are into space travel!

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