Top 3 things to do in Austin, Texas!

Austin, Texas is one of the top places to visit in the Americas. There are plenty of activities here to experience, things to see, and tasty delights to eat. The buzzy, easy-going, inviting vibe of the city is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime! So if traveling to Austin is on your mind, get your Spirit Airlines Reservations done today!

What to do at Austin, Texas

Tune in to Live Music

Attending a live show is an absolute necessity when visiting Austin. The following are the fabulous places to enjoy the live music experience in Austin:

The Mohawk: Shows are performed here with great hype. This Austin bar with music space has a rooftop deck and indoor stages.

The Moody Theatre: This world-popular performance center has an assortment of acts to enjoy!

Shop for Vintage Finds

Shopping is one of the most exciting activities in Austin. The place has a huge amount of incredible vintage stores. Here are some of those:

Byron and Blue: A chic roomy shop with a blend of new and vintage collection, this place has a huge variety of vintage prints.

Ambrose Vin Taj: Go here to discover vintage and diverse furnishings, from antique to the mid-century era.

Feathers Boutique: A delightful choice of vintage if you are looking to buy some home products.

Get Artsy

In Austin, there is incredible craftsmanship and artistic activities such as:

Cathedral of Junk: This is an exceptional craftsmanship structure that is produced using garbage! It took the artist about 29 years to make this at his lawn.

Museums/historical centers: If you want to grasp the local work of art, workmanship, culture, and history of the city, then there are such huge numbers of choices in Austin. Visit the Austin Nature and Science Centre, Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata, and Mexic-Arte Museum.

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