UNESCO Sites in South America that are worth experiencing

America is broadly divided into two continents- North America and South America. The continent of North America majorly consists of Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. North American countries are known for their urban areas and modern development. The continent of South America is famous for countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, etc. This southern American belt is known for its rich culture and history. The majority of these countries have a magnificent past. Therefore, this region has numerous renowned places and sites of utmost importance which are historically significant.

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Canaima National Park

Visit this tremendous park located in the southeast region of Venezuela. The wonderful green cover is home to numerous extinct and rare wildlife creatures.  Witness the iconic Angel Falls here with your family and friends. Explore the magnificent backwoods of the beautiful Guayana Highlands. The area of and around the Canaima National Park is considered as an unexplored area of Venezuela. Witness the nature closely and enjoy the astounding scenes around here.

Paine and Bernardo O’Higgins National Parks

Head to this national park located in Chile, which is widely known for its adventurous trekking and climbing trails. Trek attracts a number of travelers including experts as well as beginner trekkers. People belonging to all age groups visit here to spend some wonderful time with their loved ones. The national park is covered with thick and dense cover of rich forest as well as consists of beautiful waterways and streams.

The Galapagos Islands

 Visit this splendid and beautiful area of splendid islands surrounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean, accessible from the shore of Ecuador. These islands are known for their rich flora and fauna along with some magical views around.

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